GVBUILT - Sweet Sweet America - Palm Springs, CA
Fine Custom Building-Design-Music-Food-Life-2019 - Company Message


  1948 Babe Ruth Final Appearance

      1910 Coney Island A Free Show 

               1930 The Cotton Club


                                   1908 Children Playing
                                      on Brooklyn Streets

1933 Schraffts, Bklyn, Interior, Candy counter

                                       1959 Fallen Horse, 
                                         St. Patricks Day

1942 Boys Fighting on Door Frame,         
New York City

    1943 Children escape the heat of the East Side by using fire hydrant
  to cool down                                                 

      1880s Brooklyn Bridge

1945 Children Playing in Harlem

1964 Santas on Houston Street, NYC

                            1930 George Jessels Old New York Show Girls

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